Perdue Releases 2 New Thanksdippings Sauces To Pair With Turkey Thanksnuggets

Designed to complement the brand’s seasonally inspired nuggets, Thanksdippings come in two flavors: Spiced Apple Honey Mustard, inspired by herb and apple stuffing, and CranBBQ Sauce, which adds a dash of smokiness to the traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

The brand’s original Turkey Thanksnuggets pair white and dark meat turkey with special holiday flavors: sweet potato seasoned breading for the white meat nuggets, and cranberries and stuffing flavored breading for the dark meat nuggets.

Starting Friday, November 5, a limited quantity of the white and dark meat nuggets, complete with both Thanksdippings sauces, will be available here for $14.99 per 24-ounce package